Account Object Reference

Object Name Account
Type Standard Salesforce Object
Description StoreConnect uses the standard Salesforce Account object

Field Definitions

Field Name Type Required Unique Description
Account_Credit_Balance__c Summary No No The total outstanding credit balance of the Account via Account Credits
Active__c Checkbox(true) No No [Future Use] If enabled this Account and all its related Contacts can purchase from all stores
Credit_Hold__c Checkbox(false) No No If enabled, this Account and all its related Contacts will not be able to use a Pay By Account Payment_Provider__c
Is_Location__c Checkbox(false) No No Determines whether an Account is being used as a Location. Does not affect anything else, but will only be considered a Location when this is checked
Location_Address_Source__c Picklist No No Determines which address to use for this Location: Billing, Shipping, or neither
Location_City__c Text No No Defines the City component of this Location’s Address
Location_Country__c Text No No Defines the Country component of this Location’s Address
Location_Display_Name__c Text No No The name to show on the Store for this Location. If blank, Name will be used instead
Location_Email__c Email No No This Location’s email address
Location_Info_Markdown__c LongTextArea No No  
Location_Meta_Description__c LongTextArea No No  
Location_Meta_Keywords__c Text No No Comma separated list of keywords to appear within the meta keywords tag in the HEAD tag of the page.
Location_Meta_Title__c Text No No The content that appears within the meta title tag in the HEAD tag of the page
Location_Path__c Text No Yes The path at which this Location Group can be found
Location_Phone__c Phone No No This Location’s phone number
Location_Postal_Code__c Text No No Defines the Postal Code component of this Location’s Address
Location_Social_Image_Id__c Lookup(Media__c) No No The Image to show when the Location is shared on Social Media. If not provided, will use the Location’s Logo.
Location_State__c Text No No Defines the State component of this Location’s Address
Location_Street__c Text No No Defines the Street component of this Location’s Address
Location_Website__c URL No No This Location’s website address
Location__c Location(6) No No Defines the latitude and longitude of this Location
Logo_Id__c Lookup(Media__c) No No Media record to use when showing this Account as a supplier in a store
Membership_Id__c Lookup(Membership__c) No No Membership__c that this Account has been assigned to (for example, by purchasing a certain product)
Pay_By_Account__c Checkbox(false) No No If enabled, this Account has the ability to use a Pay By Account Payment_Provider__c, provided Credit_Hold__c is false
Pricebook_Id__c Lookup(Pricebook2) No No A specific Pricebook to be used by this Account. Only the Products contained in this Pricebook will be available for the Account to purchase once logged in. If blank the Pricebook of the Store__c will be used
Subdomain__c Text No Yes A subdomain prepended to the current Store__c.Domain__c (e.g. that allows users to access the store via a subdomain. Can be used for custom development on a store, for example to use a different Pricebook when users access the store via the subdomain.
Supplier__c Checkbox(false) No No If enabled, indicates this Account is a supplier of goods or services for your store. This should be enabled if this Account is to be used as a Product.Brand_Id__c.
sC_Id__c Text No Yes StoreConnect External ID, do not modify in Salesforce

## Standard Fields Used

Standard Field Type Usage in StoreConnect
Id Id(18) Used to uniquely identify the account
Name Text (255) Customers Account Name
BillingCity Text (40) Billing City
BillingCountry Text (80) Billing Country
BillingState Text (80) Billing State
BillingStreet Textarea (255) Billing Address line 1
BillingPostalCode Text (20) Billiing Zip code
ShippingCity Text (40) Shipping City
ShippingCountry Text (80) Shipping Country
ShippingState Text (80) Shipping State
ShippingStreet Textarea (255) Shipping Address line 1
ShippingPostalCode Text (20) Shipping Zip code

For more information about how or when to use the above, see our documentation.


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