This feature requires StoreConnect version 11.0 or above. Here is how to check your version

Adding templates to Content Template Picklist

This article is intended for advanced users and our partners as it requires advanced web development or Salesforce admin or programming knowledge. While the functionality is part of StoreConnect, we do not provide end user assistance to implement it beyond our help documentation. If you need help or are unsure on how to do this, you can hire one of our StoreConnect partners.

When developing and creating new themes you will need to add your new templates to the content template picklist. StoreConnect already comes with standard templates added to the picklist where you can also add new ones when using the theme builder.

content template picklist on StoreConnect app

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will assume you have already created a custom event card template.


  1. Go to setup
  2. Click on the “Object Manager” tab Object Manager Tab
  3. Now find the “Content Block” object
  4. On the left sidebar, click on Fields & Relationships
  5. Click on “Content Template” on the right panel
  6. Now scroll down to the Values section and click on new
  7. Add a name to the new value of the picklist. Use the name of Event Card for this tutorial
  8. Once saved, scroll down again to the Value section, find your new template item and click on edit.
  9. Check that the API name matches the template key. Use event_card value for the API name and don’t include the blocks/ prefix.
  10. Optional step: you can scroll down again to the values section and click on “Reorder” and choose the position of your new template within the picklist.

You can add as many content templates as you want but keep in mind you will need to use a unique value for each content template. For example you can create a new template and use the value using custom_container or anything appropiate to what you are building.

Content block templates are created the same way as page templates. The only difference is that the key must start with blocks/ and must correspond to one of the Content Block template entries in the Content_Block__c.Template__c picklist.


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