Trait_Type__c Object Reference

Field Definitions

Field Name Type Required Unique Description
Display_As_Filter__c Checkbox(false) No No If checked, the trait type would be displayed as a filter option for product search.
Display_Name__c Text Yes No Name of the Trait Type to be displayed to the user.
Display_On_Product_Page__c Checkbox(false) No No If set as true, all related Traits for this Trait Type will be included on the Traits collection in liquid.
Position__c Number(18, 0) No No The position of this Trait Type. Lower numbers are shown first, objects without a number are sorted alphabetically by name
Trait_Category_Id__c Lookup(Trait_Category__c) Yes No The Trait Category for this Trait Type belongs to.
Unit__c Picklist No No Unit provides a way to further clarify what the value of the Trait Type is. For example, the Trait Type Value_Type__c might be a “Number” which is a decimal value, but the unit might be “Centimetres” which then would be displayed on the store as “2.3 cm”.
Value_Type__c Picklist Yes No The nature of values for this Trait Type. Examples of valid types are Checkbox, Currency, and Number.
sC_Id__c Text No Yes StoreConnect External ID, do not modify in Salesforce

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