Subscription__c Object Reference

Field Definitions

Field Name Type Required Unique Description
Balloon_Price__c Currency(18, 2) No No If present this amount is added to the final payment of the Subscription
Billing_Delay_Length__c Number(5, 0) No No Number of Billing_Delay_Unit__c durations after the Renewal Date to delay before charging the subscription. This is useful if you need to run an automated or manual process to update the period subscription charge before invoicing.
Billing_Delay_Unit__c Picklist No No The unit of measure for the Billing_Delay_Length__c for the subscription.
Cancelled_Date__c DateTime No No Date the Subscription was cancelled. If a future date is used the Subscription will continue being charged up to that date. Ideally this should match the Subscription Period. E.g. if the Subscription is charged on the 15th of the month, the Cancellation Date should be the 15th
Charge_Payments__c Checkbox(true) No No If checked true, StoreConnect will process the subscription and attempt to charge payments for this subscription. Set to false if payments are being handled by an external system or manually added
Contact_Id__c Lookup(Contact) Yes No The Contact who ordered this Subscription.
Delinquent_Date__c DateTime No No Date that charging payment first failed for this Subscription. This is cleared whenever a payment succeeds. If subsequent payments fail, this will be the date of the first failed payment
Delinquent_Reason__c LongTextArea No No If a payment failed, this will contain the most recent error message returned by the payment provider (e.g. card expired)
End_Date__c DateTime No No The date the Subscription is scheduled to end.
Full_Price__c Currency(18, 2) No No The total value over the full term of the subscription. For Evergreen subscriptions, this will be the same as Period_Price__c. For Fixed-term subscriptions it will be Period_Price__c x Period_Count__c.
Next_Billing_Date__c DateTime No No The next date the payment will be charged. This is updated whenever a payment is taken successfully based on the Next Renewal Date plus any Billing Delay. If a Subscription is delinquent this may be a past date.
Next_Renewal_Date__c DateTime No No Contains next date the Subscription renews. It is updated each time the subscription is processed based on the Period Length and Period Unit.
Order_Id__c Lookup(Order) Yes No The Order that created this Subscription originally. A single order during checkout might have several subscription products, each with their own terms or price, during checkout, this will create a single order record and a subscription record per subscription product with each subscription record related to the appropriate order line item.
Payment_Provider_Id__c Lookup(Payment_Provider__c) No No The Payment Provider that will be used for charging payments. This will be the same provider that was used on the initial Order
Payment_Source_Expires_At__c Date No No The date the Payment source (e.g. Credit Card) expires.
Payment_Source_Identifier__c Text No No The obscured identifier for the source of Payments (e.g. last 4 digits of Credit Card)
Payment_Token__c Text No No Token used by Payment_Provider__c for charging payment.
Period_Count__c Number(18, 0) No No This is the number of periods for the duration of the subscription. For a 12 month fixed-term subscription where Period_Type is “month”, Period Count would be 12. For an evergreen subscription it will be 1.
Period_Length__c Number(18, 0) No No Number of the Period_Type__c durations between each payment, e.g. if Period_Type__c = “days”, then “14” here would be fortnightly.
Period_Price__c Currency(18, 2) Yes No Price charged for the next subscription payment.
Period_Type__c Picklist No No Unit of of the Subscription period, e.g. “month” with Period_Length__c = 3 would charge the customer every 3 months
Product_Id__c Lookup(Product2) No No The product the customer has subscribed to.
Setup_Price__c Currency(18, 2) No No If present this amount is added to the first payment of the Subscription.
Start_Date__c DateTime Yes No The date the Subscription will be considered active and will be processed again based on Next Billing Date.
Suspended_Date__c Date No No Date the Subscription was suspended. If a future date is used the Subscription will continue being charge up to that date. Ideally, this should match the Subscription Period. E.g. if the Subscription is charged on the 15th of the month, the Suspended Date should be the 15th.
Type__c Picklist No No Type__c defines what type of Subscription this is, either an Evergreen or Fixed-Term.
sC_Id__c Text No Yes StoreConnect External ID, do not modify in Salesforce

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