Shipment__c Object Reference

Field Definitions

Field Name Type Required Unique Description
Charge__c Currency(18, 2) No No The amount the customer was charged for this Shipment.
Cost__c Currency(18, 2) No No The cost to send this Shipment if provided by a Shipping_Provider__c.
Errors__c LongTextArea No No Any errors that occurred when the system attempted to lodge a Shipment with an external Shipping_Provider__c.
Order_Id__c Lookup(Order) Yes No The Order to which this Shipment belongs.
Order_Item_Id__c Lookup(OrderItem) No No [DEPRECATED] Shipments now belong to Orders. See Order_Id__c.
Provider_Service__c Text No No The service identifier used with the Shipping_Provider__c. For external providers this may be their product code to indicate the type of shipping. For Shipping_Rate__c this will be the name of the rate (e.g. “Standard Shipping over $100”)
Provider_Shipment_Id__c Text No No The ID number of this Shipment from the Shipping_Provider__c, or the Salesforce Record ID of the Shipping_Rate__c that was used to create this Shipment.
Provider__c Text No No The name of the Shipping_Provider__c for this Shipment, such as “Australia Post”.
State_Changed_At__c DateTime No No The date and time the State last changed for this Shipment record. This is done automatically by StoreConnect and is used to determine the order StoreConnect sends shipments to the shipping provider.
State__c Picklist No No The current status of this Shipment.
Status__c Text No No [DEPRECATED] This is replaced by the State__c field.
Stock_Location_Id__c Lookup(Stock_Location__c) Yes No The Stock_Location__c from which the item will be shipped.
Tracking_Code__c Text No No The tracking code for this Shipment from the Shipping_Provider__c (if any).
sC_Id__c Text No Yes StoreConnect External ID, do not modify in Salesforce

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