Bookable_Location__c Object Reference

Field Definitions

Field Name Type Required Unique Description
Active__c Checkbox(true) No No Indicates whether the Bookable Location is currently active. Can be set to false to turn off bookings for this location.
Address1__c Text No No  
Address2__c Text No No  
City__c Text No No  
Country_Id__c Lookup(Country__c) No No  
Display_Name__c Text No No The name of the Bookable Location to show in the Store. If this is blank, Bookable Location Name will be used.
Information_Markdown__c LongTextArea No No Information about this Bookable Location.
State__c Text No No  
Store_Id__c Lookup(Store__c) Yes No  
Timezone__c Picklist No No The standard timezone for this location. All booking times will be presented in this timezone (and adjusted for daylight savings when relevant).
Virtual__c Checkbox(false) No No Indicates this Bookable Location is not a physical location.
Zip_Code__c Text No No  
sC_Id__c Text No Yes StoreConnect External ID, do not modify in Salesforce

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