Importing Contacts Into StoreConnect

If you are migrating your customers from an old store to StoreConnect or already have contacts in Salesforce that you want to invite to create an account in your new online store, you can do this the following way:

Make sure all contacts you invite have an email address and a username(This can be the same as the email address) in their Salesforce Contact record. If your contacts are not yet in Salesforce, you will need to import them, thus creating Account and Contact records where the contact is related to the correct account. Once these are ready, send out a communication to your contacts informing them of the process to create an account in your new store with these instructions:

  1. Go to {}/auth/password/new
  2. Enter the email address we have for you and submit the form
  3. You will receive two emails, one to validate your email address for the new site and the other to set the password
  4. Validate your email address first by clicking the link to confirm your email address
  5. Then click the link on the password reset email
  6. Enter a username for your account - for simplicity you could use your email address if you want
  7. Set and confirm your password and press ‘reset’
  8. You can now log in

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